Which Dudes Play member are you?

Find out if you are Julian(RubyCrusher)Mitchel(TheRedStoneMaster)Quinn(TheSuperSonicFan)Mike(CaptMooMoo)or Devin(NinjaDragon)

published on November 21, 20154 responses 0

You are in a mall and a woman comes up to you and asks you to let them borrow $20. What do you do?

Ask. What for?
Ask. How do I know you will give it back?
Give her the money but follow her to see where she goes.
Don't give her the money.
Just give her the money why not I've got some to spare.

What do you never leave your house without?

A trusty little knife and a ride able waffle iron what else.
A magic pen full of ink of course.
A calculator.
Why would I bring anything?

Someone walks up to you and threatens to punch you in the face what do you do?

Answer then punch me while you close your eyes and shrug.
Tell someone of authority.
Punch them.
say. what did I do to you?

You go into someone you just met's kitchen what do you do?

Say. Cool.
Raid the fridge.
Look around the kitchen appliances.
Go out into another room.

There's someone lying on the ground outside what do you do?

Walk away.
Rush down and help him.
Holy macaroni party in a hot tub time machine!
Ask. are you okay?

You're trapped in a well what do you do?

Yay wells I LOVE wells happy dance time.
Yell for help.
Oh yay now people will drop money on me.
Try to get out with the bucket.
I'm going to die!

What's you're favorite thing to read?

Sci-Fi, Mysteries
Epic,Story Driven, Scary, Sci-Fi
I ermm I err stuff
Who has time to read I got video games.
Myths, Comics

You walk outside and you need to go someplace and it starts to rain you hear thunder what do you do?

Just roll with it I mean it's just rain.
Get an umbrella.
Act like you're Percy Jackson.
Run to the place.
Rain I LOVE rain oh no I'm going to get hit aren't I.

What would you do in a movie?

Write it direct it and act in it!
Oh oh oh math I can do money stuff!
Cameras oh yeah adjusting time!
Animate CGI parts yeah!
Set building yes I can!

What do you want in a friend?

A pal to take under my wing!
A friend just a friend.
A nice buddy.
Someone that I can play games with.
I good helpful person.