Who are you to me? (1)

Who are you to me? (1)

Who do I think you are just by answering these questions? I mean, who would you REMIND me of? My best friend? My other best friend? My crush? My enemy? My brother? Find out!

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Do you like video games? If so, how much?

I love video games like The Sims 4 and others that I can make avatars in!
I love first-person shooters, Minecraft, and really any game I can design buildings in!
I like Minecraft Factions, and quite a few other games, too.
I like the same as the second one, but I also enjoy Pokemon a LOT!
I don't really play video games, except on my phone/ipod/DS.
I don't play video games.

How would you describe yourself?

Tomboy, except for with my looks!
Tomboy gamer.
A TOTAL Tomboy! (But I don't really like sports... Or video games...)
Er, me?
I have a pretty planned future.
I'm ME! LOL!

Do you like school? How much?

I like it if my friends will be there.
I love school!
I like it. I need it.
I hate it.
I love school, especially if my best friend is there!
I sometimes like it...

How many close friends do you have?

1-3, I don't trust people easily.
4-5, they're all cool!
Do my siblings count?
1-3, but I don't really like any of them.
I don't have any secrets to really tell, so a lot!
5 or more, I have quite a few secrets but I share them.

Do you share embarrassing things with your best friend?

Only things that aren't like my toilet stuff.
No, not really. I don't really have embarrassing moments.
Nope. I share them with my mom and sister.
Sometimes, depends on the level of embarrassment.

What would you do if you found out someone had a crush on you?

If they're my friend, I wouldn't mention it and act like everything is normal.
If I'm single and they're the gender I like, I'd date them!
If I don't have a crush at the time and I don't hate them, I might date them.
I'd avoid them at all costs if I don't like them back. I don't need this.
I'd do the same as the first one, but nomatter what I'd act like nothing happened.
If they're cute... Date them, of course!

Be honest, how well do you do in school?

Really well, with almost no effort!
I'm street smart, but I don't do too well. Mostly basic/below basic.
I am only really smart in one subject, but in all the others I'm fine.
I am really smart but I don't like doing work so I don't do too well.
I do pretty well in all subjects, but I work hard for it and I don't do as well as my best friend.
Can we skip this? It really doesn't matter.

Do you have a sibling?

Yes, two older brothers.
Yes, one older sister.
Yes, one little brother.
Yes, but the amount is not on this question.
Yes, one annoying little sister and one older brother.
No. I'm an only child.

How much do you care about your clothing, on a scale of 1-10?

Erm... I care a little, so about a 3-5.
I don't really care. So about a 1-3.
I care a LOT! I have to make a good first impression on everyone I meet! (8-10)
I prefer not to answer this.
I care a bit. (7-8)
I care what people think! But not TOO much. I just wear something comfortably nice. (5-6)

What do you pride yourself most on?

My smarts.
My looks.
My ability to make friends with everyone!
My knowledge of computers.
My weirdness!

Now, finally, who are you REALLY? Be honest!

I'm insecure, shy, and I care about my first impression on people because I'm kind of weird.
I'm not talkative at ALL and I get angry easily.
I'm nice and I like making people laugh. I don't want to grow up yet, so I don't want a girlfriend/boyfriend right now even though someone likes me and asked me out.
I don't want to grow up and I just really like being nice to people!
I'm kind of mean to people but it's because I don't want anyone in the way of me being happy.
I am jealous of people, especially when they're smarter or taller than me because if I wasn't the tallest and prettiest then I would have nothing to be proud of.