Who are you in zombies?

Edward Richtofen mad, Tank Dempsy badass, Takeo Masaki the honorable, and Nikolai Belenski the drunk.

published on December 27, 20164 responses 0

What do you do when you spawn? (Start)

Huh, get the king the Olympia and blast the zombie guts out!
Get Quick revive and be cautious with my kills, like everyone else.
Pop heads with the M14 and grab points!
Stab 'em in de face!!!!!!!!

What you go for for gameplay. (When you play zombies)

Head shots man!
Kills!!!! Like what else!
Revives and survival
Honor! Like a boss...

If you run out of ammo and die what do you say?

Crap, but I'll get even more powerful!!!
But.. will I keep my stuff?
Not possible, honorable men don't die fool, but you will!!!

Crawler, out of ammo, no perks, not a single grenade left. You have 5 minutes, what do you do?

Blast it with a nuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grab gun go place drink vodka repeat
HONOR!!!!!!! (Kill yo self)
Ze Doctor grabs all!!!!!

What is your strat?

Train blast drink!!!!!!!!
Nuke, Dempsy time!
Without ammo I will half to rely on..... STABBING!!!!
More points more honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You bored

Die!!! The Agony!!!!
Honor has been lost through boredom!!!!
A drink will get me out!
Nuke Tof and you, insane meat boy of stupid!!!!!!!