Are you going to die tomorrow

Are you going to die tomorrow

You could die any day, Maybe, just maybe, it'll be tomorrow... O_o You never know

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First of all, do you THINK you'll die tomorrow

Dunno... O_o

Are you a heavy or light sleeper

A bit of both
Heavy Sleeper.. NO sound is disturbing this sleeper!
Light Sleeper.. Hey, did you hear that? Oh, you're still asleep..

If I were to tell you someone is coming to kill you in five minutes, you..

Get ready and find a nice comfy, suitable hiding place then where a disguise in case you're found and say "Oh, I seem to be lost.."
RUN! You run as far away as you can

You are sitting at home, on the couch, you're alone, you hear a thump and hear, "I'm coming for you ___ (whatever your name is)"

Say, "I'm coming for you too!"
Run around the house screaming until you find a hiding spot and continue screaming
Try and escape, If it's not possible, find the best hiding spot and don't speak

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DUNNAH? (It was alright)