What would you be if you lived in a Zoo?

What would you be if you lived in a Zoo?

If you lived in the Zoo, what would you be? A tiger? An elephant? A flamingo? The Zookeeper? Find out with this fun quiz!

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What is one word to describe you?

What is one word to describe you?

What is one of your unique qualities?

I'm born to rule.
I'm taller than most people.
I'm excitable and crazy, and I always have something to say!
I'm the best-looking person on planet Earth.
I know a lot about animals.

In your group of friends, what are you?

The leader.
The wise, understanding parent-like role model.
The energetic, crazy one.
The beautiful, perfect one.
The smart, neat one.

What can you not live without?

Space for naps, space to run, space to have friends over. Lots of space.
Someone who helps me when I'm down.
Pretty outfits, sparkly pens, etc.
A pile of books.

What's your biggest dream?

To rule the world!
To give someone a gem of wisdom that actually makes a huge difference in their lives.
To have eternal fun!! Woohoo!
To be on TV!
To work at a zoo!

Which of these animals are your favorite?

Tiger! RAWR!
Elephant. :)
Flamingo!! :D XD
I love all animals!