Does He Like You? (25)

Does He Like You? (25)

Here's what it's come to. You like him, and you don't know if he likes you back. I'm here to help, because let's face it, we've all been there. (Warning:Long!)

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How strong is your relationship?

We barely know each other (we just met)
We're friends
We're good friends
We're best friends
We want to be something more

Scenario time! It's lunch time, and there are four people he can sit next to; his best friend, his other guy-friend, his other female friend, or you. Who would he sit next to?

Me of course
His best friend
His guy friend
His lady friend
No one, he doesn't sit with us at lunch

Do you two seem to have lots in common?

Yes!! We share almost all the same interests.
Sort of, only about half of our interests
A little bit, less than half of our interests
Not at all or we haven't talked yet.

Who is the conversation starter between the two of you?

He is, I don't want to seem desperate or I'm too shy
I am, he is probably too shy or doesn't want to seem to excited
We both start the conversations
We don't talk or haven't spoken yet

How frequently do you two speak?

Very often
A couple times a week
A couple times a month

Where do you usually talk?

At school and after school (texting or calling)
At school
After school
We don't talk

Who carries the conversation?

I do, he's too shy
I do, he's uninterested in me
He does, I'm too shy
He does, I'm not interested in the discussion
We both take part in the conversation
We don't talk

Does he tend to touch you a lot?

Yes! He hugs me, touches my arms and legs, my hair, anything he can touch without being weird
A little too much, it can be annoying
Yes, but in a normal 'friend' way, like he would with a guy friend
Not really, rarely
Never, he keeps his hands to himself.

Do you ever catch him looking at you?

Yes, he looks down when I catch him!
Yes, and he keeps looking when I catch him
Yes, I think it's creepy
Sometimes, but it's only because he zoned out
No, never

How are your conversations?

We keep a constant flow, our conversations can last hours
We keep a good flow, but they are usually short or don't last hours long
We struggle to find things to talk about, but we try
We don't talk

Do you ever hang out with him after school?

Yes! We hang out all the time outside school
Yes, but maybe once a week, or every other week
Yes, but rarely
No, not at all

Does he-

A- Flirt a lot

B-Compliment you a lot

C- Tease you playfully a lot

A and B
B and C
A and C
All of the above
None of the above
Rarely does any of the following, but has done them before

Is he ever rude, mean, or unfair to you?

Yes, very often.
Some of the time

Is he considerate of you? Does he think of you, or sometimes think of you before himself? (Carrying books for you, holding doors open, buying you things, tending to you if you're sick, sticking up for you, etc.)

Yes, all the time. He's very sweet.
Most of the time
Some of the times

Does he try to make you laugh?

Yes! He always tells me jokes or tries to make light of the situation, and It's always geared toward me.
Sometimes. He'll tell me a joke here and there, but it's mostly geared toward the whole group/other people.
Rarely. He doesn't really tell a lot of joke or anything, but he does when something particularly funny happens.
Never/We don't talk

Does he pay more attention to you, or to your other friends/his friends.

He pays attention to only me, it makes me feel special.
Mostly me, but he talks to others as well.
He pays attention to everyone equally.
He mostly pays attention to the other people around, but includes me at times
He never acknowledges me.

Does he entrust you with personal things like secrets or things about his home life?

Yes, he's like an open book with me and only me. He tells me everything.
Yes, but he's like that with everyone.
Mostly. He's very selective with what he tells me.
Not really, I only know a couple things that are personal about him.
No, he's very secretive.

How does he react when you're visibly upset?

He comforts me, tells me encouraging things, rubs my shoulder/back, makes me feel better
Tells me he hopes I get better and sits next to me, but won't touch me
Has someone else ask me what's wrong
Doesn't acknowledge me/ignores me

How do you think he feels about you?

I think he may love me
I think he may really like me
I think he may like me
I think he just wants to be friends
I think he doesn't like me at all
I don't think he knows I exsist

Does he have a girlfriend?

Kind of, they are off and on
I'm not too sure

Why do you like him?

Personality and looks
Personality and Brain
Looks and Brain
All three
None of those

Do you think you'd be a good couple?

I think so
I'm not sure
Not really

Is he a jerk, or is he a sweetheart?

A total Jerk
A complete sweetheart
A mixture of both

Does he respect you?

Yes, he respects me completely.
Mostly, he does cross the line at times/has used me once or twice
Kind of, He uses me a lot though
No, he always uses me

Do you make it obvious that you like him?

Yes, I try not to, but I can't help it
Yes, mostly to try and convince him to like me
Kind of. I show signs of liking him and I think he's picked up on it.
Not really, I control it as much as possible, though I've had a couple rare moments where a showed it
Never, I keep a good poker face
I don't know

Does he know you well?

Yes, very well
As much as anyone else does
Not really
Not at all

Do you know him well?

Yes,very well
As much as anyone else does
Not really
Not at all