What color is your soul? (1)

What color is your soul? (1)

In this quiz you well find out your soul cover and what your soul means and through medetation and time alone you can unlock your soul well enough about that please enjoy the quiz also leave feedback in the comments if you want so i can know how too make my next quiz better

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What would you do if you saw helpless puppies in a ally hurt? How will you do your part

Call someone for
help and stay with
the puppies until
help gets there
Pick them up and
take them to your
house and nurse
them back to
Grab the puppies and try to
search for who did this to them
Cry for the puppies and stay
there with them for a little
Make a small shelter for them
somewhere beautiful and give
them food and water

How would you spend your day or your long break? What will you do to feel comfortable

Chilling on my bed checking
my social media and
contacting my friends
Go out woth friends to hang
out or have a party to celebrate
your long break
Chill outside get a nice tan and
enjoy the fresh air of nature
Going out to the cafe and
shops to buy new clothing etc
Gardening flowers and seeds
on a beautiful day

If you had a choice to choose a ability which one would you choose? Which one is your favorite

Mind reading to hear thoughts
of people and to see if they are
thinking of you
Controll drag someone under
your spell and make them do
what you want them too
Shapshift into anything and
use the living thing or object to
live a wild life
Super strength pick up
anything and know how too
pull a punch powerful enough
to knock someone off there
Speed run at any pace and
have unlimited energy to move
from place to place

What will you do with 40 million dollars if you had? How will you use it

Donate to charities and use
what you have left over
Spend it on o
Parties and on a new house
and become set for the rest of
your life
Use the money wisley and
share it with family in
Be happy with alk the money
you have and enjoy luxury
To buy a buisness and start
your own company and make
twice the amount of money
you have

If you had too choose what to live without with for 21 days? What will you give up

My tech i know it will be hard
but it will be worth it
My boy/girl craziness to date
Friends cant hang out
Family and try to be a lone wolf
My gift of hearing

What color is your favorite? What do you think your soul color is

Lavender purple

What-did you think of this quiz

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It was good good job
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