Which Egyptian God are you? (1)

Today you will find out which Egyptian God you are! Prepare to be surprised. You could get Isis, the Goddess of magic or Horus, the God of War.

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Which Egyptian God are you? (1)
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Hello welcome to my 3rd quiz!

Hello it is nice to meet you!
Sup dudes
Hi do you need anything?:)

1. You see a little boy/girl on a bicycle. You think nothing of it until they fall off the bike and hit their head on a rock. You:

A. Stare at the poor kid in disbelief
B. Roll your eyes and mutter: They should of been more careful
C. Burst into giggles then help
D. Gasp and run over to help
E. Run over and help the kid and wrap them in a blanket and tell their parents.
F. Burst into tears and kiss the kids head
G. Carry the poor kid home
H. Run over to them and put band aids on them and then drive them to the hospital
I. Creat a head cast for the kid
J. Hug the poor kid and take him to his house

2. You go to the store and get some ice cream. Then all of the sudden your arch nemesis come up to you and pushes you to the ground. You:

A. Stare up at them with your razor eyes
B. Stand up immediately and punch them in the stomach then say: GET OUT
C. Laugh because their wearing the worst shoes
D. Get up and tell them: Can you please leave?
E. Get up and wrap them in toilet paper.
F. Say: Go or else I will slap you!
G. Stare at them in the eyes then punch them in the face
H. Say: Please stop
I. Get up and draw on their forehead: DUMMIE
J. Push them into the freezer then slam the door in their face

3. Your best friend comes up to you and says they doesn't want to be friends with you anymore. You:

A. Stare at them in disbelief but don't say anything.
B. Yell at them: WELL THEN FINE!
C. Say ok... Then make a funny joke to make them laugh
D. Gasp then say: Wha..? Why not??:(
E. Silently nod then look at the ground
F. Say: Sweetie, I don't know what wrong with you, but one thing I know that's wrong is your soul." Then flip your hair and walk away.
G. Clench your teeth but say: Fine.
H. Nod weakly then run off crying quietly
I. Draw them one last friendship picture
J. Sigh then say: Okay I understand

4. Your running a marathon. Everything's going fine until you accidentally fall on your knee and it starts bleeding and it hurts real bad. You:

A. Stare at your poor knee doing nothing.
B. Get up though your knee hurts and sprint. You have to get there first!
C. Get up but fall again because your laughing so hard.
D. Put a band aid that you keep in your pocket
E. Put a big band aid on it then go home.
F. Scream then drag your self to the finish line.
G. Get up and keep running, wincing at the pain.
H. Limp to the sidelines and tell the manager.
I. Wash the scrap with water then rub some paste on it to make it stop bleeding.
J. Limp all the way home.

5. Favorite color?

B. Red
C. Any bright happy color
D. Too many to count
E. Green
F. Pink
H. Purple
I. Rainbow
J. Any natural color

6. Favorite animal?

A. Crow
B. Lion
C. Dogs
D. Cats!
E. Shark
F. Horse
G. Any bird of prey
H. A unicorn
I. Peacock
J. Tiger

7. Favorite food?

A. Spicy foods
B. Bananas!
C. Candy
D. Anything organic
E. Anything is fine with me
F. Chocolate!
G. Coffee!
H. Everything!
I. Nachos!!
J. None of the above

Did you like this?

Yes it was fun
Aww it's over??
I loved it! ?
Yep :)
Yeah sure