What Pet Would You Be?

If you were a pet what would you be? Ever wonder that? Even if you haven`t it's still cool to find out. Would you be a dog, cat, hamster, ferret, or rabbit? Find out now!

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Your friend gives you a gift, and you don't like it, what do you say?

Thanks, you shouldn't have
Say, they spent way to much on you
Umm... okay
I don't want it
Don't say anything

Your going to a party, and need a new outfit what do you buy?

Something that reflects your personality
An outfit similar to your friend's outfit
A cute outfit, that doesn't draw TOO much attention
A flashy, expensive outfit
Something that looks good, but is casual, and not too expensive

What is the worst thing you can do?

Look dumb in front of a lot of people
Face a lot of your fears
Fail a lot
Offend your friends
Constantly lie to appease people

If you had to choose a place to visit what type of place would it be

Somewhere not that far from home
A large city with a bug hotel, and lot's of shopping spots
A foreign country that needs help
A relaxing small town
A medieval European town

You want to ask someone out, how do you ask them.

Just ask them
Try to be friends first, then ask them
Ask a friend to ask them, or just be too shy
Try to get them to ask you
Convince them to go out with you

Someone upset your friend, and you're concerned what do you do?

You act funny, and try to get them to laugh, and chher up
You talk to them, and make them feel good
you tell them that the person who upset them is not worth getting upset over
You advise your friend to avoid whoever upset them
You go be mean to the person who upset them

Your friend buys a hideous shirt and asks how it looks. What do you say?

Say it looks hideous
Say it looks cheap
You don't say much but try to convince them to wear something else
It's your friend, you tell them it looks good
Say alright

If you saw an sad-looking, homeless dog on the street what would you do?

Try to find someone to help, or take it in
you would be to shy to do anything
Ask people about it
Take it in
Put up found dog posters

Your friend wants you to buy her a new purse but it is 300 dollars what do you do?

Buy a different purse. One that isn`t expensive, but it is big, and long lasting
Tell them that is WAY too expensive
it's your friend! Buy it
Don't buy it but tell them you forgot
Buy a 30 dollar knock-off