sorting hat quiz

sorting hat quiz

it is put through nicely and will show you what you are like im a huffle puff

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You are walking you see a old lady drop $20 what do you do?

give it to your mother once the old lady is
finders keepers!!
return half of it.
give the money to the old lady.

when you are gone how do you want people to remember you by as?

as a kind person and was 1 in a 1,000,000.
as someone that was intelligent and saved lives.
to remember you as someone cool.
to smile and remember you when your name is mentioned.

there is a test but a 2 more year older wizard is challenging you to a duel at night what do you do.

snitch on the kid and study.
try to make amends and study
you go and face them and guess the test.
you skip the fight and study.

what color would you rather wear to hogwarts?


what would you mostly do at hogwarts mostly?

study magic charms and potions.
mess with people start trouble to show your tuff.
make cool friends and explore campus.
join a cool sport and aim to be capitan or win the other teams.

what spell would you mostly use on death eaters?

petrificus totalus
avada kedavra

if you could be in any harry potter house wich would you think you would be in?


if you are in a quidditch match what are your thoughts

we have to win.
as long as im having fun.
i can probably knock as much of their broomsticks to win.
i can strategize a plan to win

if you could meet any harry potter character who would you meet?

luna lovegood
hermione granger
cedric diggory

what would be your favorite hogwarts class.

defence against the dark arts