What Xfactor Judge Are You?

What Xfactor Judge Are You?

If you are an ultimate Xfactor fan then take this quiz to find out who you might be on the judging panel!

published on January 14, 201236 responses 11 5.0★ / 5

What is your favourite band?

Take that
Destiny's child

How do you have your hair?

Just as normal
Black and silky
Brown and curvy
With transplants and evrything

Who is your favourite judge?


Who was your favourite contestant in the live shows?

Marcus Collins
Amelia Lily
Little Mix
Kitty Brucknell

Did you enjoy this quiz?

Well, I've gotta say yes!
You put it down girl!
It's a no from me, sorry!
100 perscent no (Don't click this)