What type of Rat are you?

What type of Rat are you?

Are you a cool rat who is normal but ratish in their own special way or are you a wierd little rat who eats their cheese with a spatula and will never be cool? take this quiz and find out!

published on January 08, 20125 responses 0 2.5★ / 5

Is the nickname "The Rat" a nickname you gave yourself or a nickname someone gave to you?

I gaave it to myself!
I'm not called a rat!
Some people gave me that nickname but....

How do you sign your letters?

sincerly(lots of vermon)lol,.......

What is your favorite cheese?

I'm Lactose Andtolerant
Moldy Swiss
All American

Are you a rat alone or are you in a group of rats?

I'll tell you for the last time I'm not a rat!
in a group

What kind of rat are you?

sweet, funny

Do you prefer a cage or to rome free?

I like my bedroom, children!
Well.... I need my privacy!