What cat helper are you

What cat helper are you

If you were a cat what would you do? Sort of like warrior or something like that!

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Another cat is getting attacked what to do!

Try and help it before fighting
Fight along it's side
Go tell another cat!
Send the enemy flying!
Fight first then call docter cat!
Do anything you can to try and stop it

It's a cat party! What are you doing here?

Performing tricks!
Helping people make the right choice at the party
Lead in the party!
Pretend to fight an enemy
Play with little cats!

Your getting ready for battle! What do you do

Stay along side of other cats!
Get armor on!
Huddle up and wait till the war is over!
Tell everyone there places
Stay at home and praying

Favorite color?

Brown or pink

Why'd you take this quiz?

Just found out about it
For fun!
I clicked on the wrong thing and saw it
Felt like it