Personality quiz (3)

Personality quiz (3)

Personality what are you like! It is just your personality soooo TAKE THE QUIZ

published on January 05, 201252 responses 13 3.5★ / 5

You see a wallet on the ground. What do you do?

Why have money, I don't know what to by
Pick it up and take every bit of money in it
Find the person who owns it.
Count the money but don't take it
Stare at for a while then take some money
Maybe I can buy it to get food!
Pick it up, fart on it and laugh with your friends
Spread a story about the "haunted wallet"

The worlds ending what do you do?

We had to die at some point...
Act all tough and say "i'm totally gonna defeat the world"
Help as many people as you can.
Caculate the perimeter of the meteorites
Run to your family and stay with them.
I better enjoy my last meal!
Lead all of your friends
Yell at the earth!

You're at a party? What do you do?

Sit in a corner and mumble to yourself
Beat people up
Enjoy every single bit of the party
Get beaten up
Hang with your friends, And maybe dance a bit
At the isle of food
lie the whole party

Someone is hurt on the ground. What do you do?

Stare at them for a while
Laugh at them
Help them up and back to there house
Ask him questions
Help him then leave
Only help him if he gives you food
Think to yourself "He probably deserved it"
Lie to him

Someone asks you out on a date.

Say sure
How about a study date?
Only if there's food
Say yes for attention
Lie to him/her

You don't like your dinner. What do you do?

Slam your face into it
Get angry
Be very polite and quietly eat it
Calculate the angle of the food
Stare at it
If it's food I'LL EAT IT
Laugh at the food

You see a ghost. What do you do?

Stand there and look at it
Try to hit the ghost
Try to shake hands with the ghost
Give the ghost glasses
Does the ghost have food?
Call your friends and tell them
Say that the ghost almost killed you *lie*

Why'd you take this quiz

Cause there's nothing to do.
Cause I want to
I like screens
Cause i'm curios
I need something to do while i'm eating!
Cause i can tell my friends about it
Cause i can lie