What PetRPG pet are you?:

What PetRPG pet are you?:

Ever wanted to know what PetRPG pet species you are? Well now's your chance! Answer the questions to find out.

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A new person, around your own age just moved into the house next door. They seem pretty cool - you saw some cool stuff while they were unloading. They're a stranger to the neigborhood and they don't seem to have any friends, you...

Run up and introduce yourself, ready to be their best friend ever!
Watch them for a day or so to gauge their personality, then break the ice with a joke/prank.
See if their hot, if they are go over and ask them to come watch you play football, if not, totally ignore them.
Wave at them shyly and offer to help them sort out their stuff
Walk up to them and start chatting loudly about nothing in particular
Amble over to them and ask if they want to hang sometime.
Introduce yourself and show off the awesome hat you bought last week, you know they'll love it.
Introduce yourself and make them a thoughtful gift as a moving in present.
Do the sensible thing and introduce yourself without much fuss.
Throw a huge party to welcome them to the neighborhood.
Invite them over for a game night and play them constantly until you win eveything.
Saunter up and introduce yourself with your best smile, while thinking how dorking they look.
Help them move their furniture without a single word.

You enter a competition but you come second to someone you feel is less skilled, you...

Spread a rumour that they cheated.
Smile and congratulate them.
Rush up and tell them what an awesome job they did and laugh at your defeat.
Yell and accuse them of cheating, maybe even start a fight.
Congratulate them with an electric buzzer in your hand.
High five them and invite them over to chill, what do you care about coming second?
Grin at them lopsidedly, thinking about something totally different.
Give them a hand made congratulatory prize.
Quickly congratulate them and walk off.
Shake their hand silently.
Roll your eyes but congratulate them anyways.
Invite them to your '2nd place' party.
Demand a rematch.

You see a wallet dropped on the street. In it, is $100, no ID and no phone number, you...

Take it to the police station, after putting a joke card in it.
Hurry to the police station and hand it in, feeling inexplicably giulty.
Stand their, asking people who walk by if it's theirs.
Take the money and the wallet. Finders keepers.
Turn it in to the police station.
Start taking it to the police station, get distracted and end up finding it under your bed three weeks later.
Turn it in right away, leaving a note in it telling them to be more careful.
Take half the money then hand it in to the police station, you could use a new pair of shoes.
Make it into a competition and try to find the owner without the police.
Leave it alone, you've got places to be!
Take the money and then hand it in to the police, saying you found it empty.
Put up posters and ads in the local shops, hoping the owner will come and claim it.
Give it in to the police and ask them to call you when they find the owner.

You've got an exam today and you didn't revise. You notice the person next to you ahs a cheat sheet, you...

Stay silent and get on with it.
Tell the rest of the class that they're a dirty cheat.
Blush and get on with your own test, and doodle in the margins..
Ask them if you can take a peek, grinning at your potential pal.
Didn't need to revise, you know teh answers.
Day dream about llamas driving.
Just do what you can and then fall asleep on your desk.
Threaten them into giving it to you.
Peek at it without them noticing.
Out and out ask them for a look.
Would never cheat, it spoils the contest.
Continue with your work and inform a teacher about the cheat later.
Finish the test and begin singing quietly.

You find out that your parents are going to split up, you...

Rigidly stick with one parent, hating the other.
Laugh in off, but cry in your room later.
Scream at them and kick a hole in your door.
Tear up in front of them, then promptly run away.
Beg them not to go through with it.
Just go with the flow, it's their choice.
Get quite upset in the heat of the moment, but get distracted by something and calm down.
Go to your room and cry loudly, blaming yourself.
Let them make their own descisions, it's not your job to interfere.
Mope around the house for days.
Punch your pillow for a hour or two.
Act like you don't care about either of them.
Take it without complaint.

There's a huge party this weekend, you...

Don't go, it's not your thing.
Walk in half an hour late, with enough swag for the whole room.
Aren't going, you've got swimming lessons.
Organised the party in the first place!
Don't go, you're working.
Go but feel really shy and awkward.
Dance like Luna Lovegood in the middle of the room.
Are chilling at home, watching movies.
Go and try to get in with the popular crowd.
Are at home reading.
Go and cause a huge fight.
Have set up praks are are going to watch them unfold.
Go to make new friends.


I'll punch it in it's goddamn face!
Hey big fella', want some nice juicy steak?
I could have a 'Lion attack Suvivor' party! Squee!
Oh my, we've got to call animal control.
Take him to the zoo.
I want to paint it, but I should probably run.
Omg, this will make such a good story!
Just a sec, I'm reading up on them...
He's cool bro... just let him run on by...
Awl, what an adorable kitty.
I will defeat him in a contest of strength!
Landmines! I need landmines!