What's your werewolf story?

What's your werewolf story?

Find out what clan you are in, as well as personality, strenghs, love life, and family

published on January 03, 2012169 responses 24
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What is your favorite color?

purple :)
orange :D
gold ;)

What is your BFF like?

a smart girl to help me with trouble
a funny chick to make me laugh
a bully so I will be protected

What sounds the most fun?

having a campfire under the moon
a huge party with my freinds
watching a wrestling game- live

Which food sounds the yummiest?

a small burger
whatever i'm in the mood for!
a big, tasty steak :P

If someone tried to rob you, what would you do?

attack slyly from behind
jump on them- piggyback style!
claw out their eyes!