A Hogwarts Life: Chamber Of Secrets Read Description

A Hogwarts Life: Chamber Of Secrets Read Description

So Now Its Your First Time in A Battle Heh... Well Just Go Through These Questions To See If You won The Battle...

published on January 02, 201253 responses 8 4.9★ / 5

You Raise Your Wand at Your Opponent and Cast What Spell?

Apericium (Reveals Invisible Ink)
Confundus (Confuses Opponent)
Densaugeo (enlarges Teeth)
Serpensortia (produces Snake)
Windgardium Levoisa T_T (hovers Objects)
Rictusempra( Tickles Opponent)
Lumos ( Creates Light at Wand Tip) -.-
Expelliarmus (Disarms Opponent)
Conjunctivits ( Damages Opponent's Eyesight)

Your Opponent Gets Damaged, Maybe. Now Your Fighting A Dementor. What will YOU do?

Stand Up and Defeat It!

The Dementor Freezes your Wand. What Will You do?

Karate! Fight Him Physically!
Grab A Witch/Wizard Wand and Fight!
Do I have to Answer This?

You cast Accio (summons an Object), But Which Object?

A Spider T_T
A Jack in The Box
A Mean Fierce, Eagle
A Pin

Answer This last Question to See If You Won:
What will You do If Your opponent Destroys You?

Get Up And Fight!!!
Say, Stinky Face 0.0