Do You Care For Your Toy?

Do You Care For Your Toy?

Take this toyarriffic quiz to find out if you're taking care of your toy!

published on January 01, 201238 responses 4 3.5★ / 5

What does your toy eat?

WHAT!? You have to feed your TOY!?
My toys eat stuff off the floor.
They share my food.
A small portion of what I'm eating.

Where do you take your toy for walks?

You have to take your toy for walks as well!?
To the theme park to ride on the new rollercoasters.
To the shops.
We go to the park.

Where does your toy sleep?

In the wardrobe.
With me.
In the bath.
At the bottom of the bed wrapped in a duvet.

What do you and your toy do at parties?

I don't take my toy to parties, it embarrasses me.
Go play with sparklers and fireworks.
Eat all the food.
Sing and dance in a big spotlight.

About toy safety, you'd say:

It's stupid! My toy isn't even alive!
It's okay, but it gets boring.
It's good. It helps protect toys.
It's amazing. Without it, all the toys would have died!