Are You A Guy/Girl Magnet???

Are You A Guy/Girl Magnet???

Find out if your a magnet to girls or guys??? Test Yourself!!!! You'll never know if you don't!!!!!!!

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If one of your friends were getting beat up
and they were getting beat up by your crush what would you do???

I would try to stop the fight.....
I would run to the rescue and rip off my top and pull your crush away and start making out.....
Join in, but then after the fight i would say sorry to my friend and hope he/she would forgive me......
Walk something......i donno.......

If you had 1 wish what would it be???

To have like a million dogs/cats
To have a COOL CAR!!!
Load of money and stuff for girls like make up and stuffy stuff things.....
A caravan

What do you like better CATS or DOGS???

Cats and dogs....

For prom what dress/suit

A nice dress.....i donno......
A white suit
A Short dress really short i mean really really really really really really really short dress!!!!!!!!!!!
I donno/it's past......

What are you???

An alien
A Guy
A Girl
A nothing (weep weep) :(