What part of the cake are you?

What part of the cake are you?

Are you the spongey base, or the creamy frosting? Take this quiz to find out.

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What is your favorite thing about hot chocolate?

All the different things you can put in it, like peppermint or cinnamon
The rich cocoa
The whipped cream/marshmallows on top

Your family is hosting a scavenger hunt.you'd be the one.....

Coming up with clues and riddles for the participants
Hiding the items
who found all the items first

Your favorite time of the day is..

Morning-- you have to make a good start to the day!
The afternoon- it's the most exciting!
The evening-- you can reflect on the day and plan to make the next one better.

What is your favorite breakfast?

A twist on something basic, like an egg sandwhich
Something basic, like eggs or cereal
Something exotic and different every day, like breakfast pizza or eggs benadict.

What is your favorite season?

Spring and Summer

If you had a superpower, which would you have?

Ablity to fly
Super strength-- to do what's right.
A magic paintbrush that made whatever it touched colorful

Pretend you are a mad scientist. Your favorite room in your lab would be....

The show room, where your inventions are launched and put into action!
The testing room, where you can try new ideas
The office, where the ideas are made!