What Greek God Are You?

What Greek God Are You?

Whether a major or minor god, find out which one you are most like here.

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You see someone attacking one of your best friends. What do you do?

You walk up to them and declare supreme authority and power. I use all my might to make sure they leave my friend alone.
You slowly walk up and threaten to the attacker that you will curse him for life if he does this again.
You throw water in the man's face to give your friend a chance to fight back.
You stroll up the man and kill him.
You steal anything he might have with him and you taunt/distract him with it by running away.
You cause the sun to shine onto his face with intense brightness so that he would go away.
You hunt him down with your bow and arrow.
You pull out two huge guns and you point them at him threateningly.
You think about the best way to deal with the situation, then act
You enchant them with your good looks and soothing voice.
You build a machine that would stop them from attacking your friend
You offer him amazing wine with an offer he could refuse. He forgets about your friend.
You advert his attention to the beaty of nature (if any) around him. If not, you attack him with nature.
You create a calm, warm feeling inside both of them that comes with springtime.
You shoot an arrow at him so that he will fall in love and forget your friend.
You offer the attacker eternal youth for stopping.
You kill him and send him to Tartarus
You frighten him into leaving your friend alone
You wait until later and then you make him pay for what he did

You are in a bar. What do you order?

You buy the bar
Nothing alcoholic
The most alcoholic drink available
You steal the drinks
Something that will make you the life of the party.
You don't go to bars
Very strong vodka
Nothing that will dull your senses
Something that people love.
You build something to make your own drink
Anything that comes from grain (e.g. Beer, Ale, etc.)
A pina colada
A drink that can make two people fall in love with each other
Something that makes you look younger
Wisky. Irish Wisky.
Gin. So that you can force it down your enemies throats.

Watching a movie. What type is it?

Psychological Thriller
One that involves alcohol
Time traveling
National Geographic
Payback-type movie

Favorite Color? (Will count...Be Truthful)

Any color
Light Brown
All shades of red
Dark Purple
Bright Green
Pinkish Red
Skin Colour
Dark Green
Dark Red

What do you hate most? (Out of these choices)

Only get to spend certain amount of time in place you love
Old Age
The Living
Your Enemies

You are at a party. You:

Its your party. You are in charge
You scold people for getting in trouble
You act like you are on good terms with the host, even if you aren't
You seek out the quietest corner of the party
You strike up conversations while actually stealing from people
You bring out the party
You make sure the women don't get too comfortable with the men at the pary
You pick fights with people
Strategically plot friendships and carefully choose words while in conversation
Persaude people into getting you what you want
Build devices to help people during the party
Make sure there is enough wine to go around
Depends on whether the party is inside or outside
Stay with a close circle of friends
Help people develop relationships
Maintain a youthful appearance
Don't attend the party
Frighten people with your loud, unneccesary movements/shouts
Take revenge on the people who have wronged you

Last Question: Someone points a gun at your head. How do you respond?

Blast them to smithereens
Put the most painful, cruel curse onto that person
Cause a huge storm to whisk the attacker away
Kill them
You stole the gun beforehand without them looking
Use the energy of the sun to overcom them
You leap out of the way and strike them down from a distance
Wip out a gun of your own, a bigger and better gun, then point it at them
You talk them out of shooting you
Persuade them into not shooting you
Build a contraption to save yourself
Have vines shoot up from the ground and attack them
Have the forces of nature attack them
Make the person understand your longing to
Have the person fall in love and leave you alone
Grant them eternal youth in exchange for them not shooting you
Kill them slowly and painfully
Scare them away
Escape, and later take your revenge