What type of Game are you?

What type of Game are you?

Everyone loves online games. Which kind of game would you enjoy the most?

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What is the first thing you do after school?

Continue reading Lord of the Rings.
Mix and match different outfits.
Immediately start playing Super Mario Bros.
Start baking a yummy after-school snack.
Study, study, study!!

What is your favorite TV show?

TV show? Are you kidding me? Has Harry Potter been made into a TV SHOW?
Anything currently on HGTV.
I love Cartoon Network! ADVENTURE TIME!!
Food Network!
Jeopardy. I know all the answers.

It's a beautiful summer day. What will you do outside?

My friends and I pretend to be monster hunters, wandering a distant realm in search of strange beasts.
Have an outdoor fashion show!
Tag! What else?
Oooh! Perfect weather for a picnic!
Name as many wild animals as I can. Let's see how long it takes.

What does your room look like?

You can immediately tell that I like magical creatures.
All of my designs for outfits are on my bulletin board. My room is loaded with art supplies and sewing machines.
My room looks like an indoor playground.
Recipies for tasty treats are hanging up on my wall.
Informational books are stacked in messy piles everywhere you look.

What best describes your personality?

I'm an adventurous risk-taker.
I'm creative and stylish.
I'm fun and active!
I'm giving and good with my hands.
I'm smart and I set my goals high.

What is your favorite color?