What Celebrity Are You Most Like?

What Celebrity Are You Most Like?

A fun filled quiz to match you up with your celebrity BFF! Answer truthfully or you might be paired up with a loser!

published on December 30, 201190 responses 18
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What is your style?

Scruffy rocker with a slight bed head look.
Always immaculately groomed and looking your best.
Looks great without trying. Your beauty is effortless.
Funky and cute, everyone loves it!

How would you describe yourself?

Careless party animal.
Sweet, cute and always happy.
Self centred but everyone loves you.
Always tries to look good.

How would you like to spend your Saturday night?

Partying all night long!
Being the centre of attention.
Doing charity work.
On a date!

Your ideal future would be...

Married to a hunk!
World peace and happiness.
Fame and fortune!
Party all night, sleep all day!

What is your best quality?

My good looks and charm.
My stunning figure and allure.
My effortless HOT floppy hair.
My kind and caring personalty.

What does your bedroom look like?

Girly and pretty.
Messy with loads of posters.
Simple no frills.
Full of pictures of ME!

What kind of films do you like?

Family orientated and innocent .
Rude comedies.
Soppy love movie.
Chick flick.

Who is your ideal crush?

Cute and into me.
Pretty and cheeky.
Loving, generous and respectful.

What is your favourite thing to do?

Hang out at parties and go WILD!
Flirt with boys.
Spend quality time with the people I love.
Perform and be applauded.

At school what clique were you in?

The popular, pretty, rich kids.
The cool rockers.
The losers.
The performing arts crew.