Quirinus Or Mario - Which One Are You?

Quirinus Or Mario - Which One Are You?

You all know the story of Mario and Quirinus, but who are you most like?

published on December 29, 20119 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

What's your favourite food?

Pastie, christmas dinner.
Mushrooms, pizza.

Do you like to have fun?

I'm serious, but I like fun when it's sensible.
Of course!

Do you think you're magical and mysterious?

A bit, but not so much.

Do you have an enemy?

Ummm.....I used to........
Yeah! I'm gonna beat that mean Koopa up!

Can you make dinner?

Of course, I always make the dinner. It's kinda annoying.
No, I set myself on fire when I try!