Would you get along with me?

Would you get along with me?

It's obvious - YES!!! But unfortunately, I learned a new feeling called hate :)

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"Well, finally. I always wanted to do this dumb quiz. Not like this, though. But who cares!?

"Umm... what's the question?" (Me: Oh, sorry!)
"I don't care, that's for sure,"

Let's move on! First question, what kind of bands do you like?

Anything that's Rock, Metal & Heavy Metal. Or just Pop, I guess... (Me: So, do you listen to Avenged Sevenfold?)
"Pop! Kidz! Anything that's cool!"
"Classical music. Or just those sappy songs,"

What does life mean to you?

"We all don't know what's life, we live life the way we want to!"
"Life is life. I believe in peace,"
"Life? Life is a game. If you lose, you die. If you win, you'll die eventually. Either way, life always comes to an end"
Life is ^^^^. We all die and go to ----

Do you love chocolate?

"White chocolate. Mmm... chocolate is good."
"EWWWW!" (Me: You're going to get a beating!)

Now, I don't want to get you guys in the middle of a bloody rampage, so I'll ask a question that is NOT relating to food or... chocolate

"I.. I think you should change the subject before I..." - passes out & falls on ChiKun - (Me: OFF! >:[)
"Yeah, I'm listening..."
"Ahem... question?"

Sorry, sorry! I'm bored! Uhh... I'm letting my sis answer this one. ^^; >>>>>>> "I'm on YouTube too! My sis is loca" :P

"Of course she is, you seem weird as she said a while ago!" (uxtleE: WHAAT!?) "I mean... hehe"
"I can see that." (uxtleE: :D)
"Question?" (uxtleE: Patience!)

Oh gosh... this is a huge crowd

"Chicken stew! Octopus parfait! Buffalo salad!" (uxtleE: Oh geez | Me: Wasn't that what you told me last night, sis? | uxtleE: Wha -- SHUT UP!)
^ "What in the world...?!"
^ "For once, I agree..." #1 "You guys are just plain weird..."

Hey sis, teach me Spanish!" "Go away right now, it's not the time!" --- "I'm Rain. Also ChiKun's OC character. What a pity. What do you think about Chi getting a new wig?

"I think it's fantastic!" (Rain: I wonder which hairstyle I'm having...)
"It's fine." (Rain: I'm going to have the same hairstyle as ChiKun, or I'm just going to need my hair done...)
"I don't know nor do I care," (Rain: I can see that)

* Rain is staring at our fighting ~~ slap, slap, fishy slap! ~~ * What a skirmish fight... Eh? Fight? Look at them! They're slapping each other and singing about fishes!

"That has to hurt!" (Rain: What are you!? Look at them!)

What do you think of us?"

"I like y'all!"
"I'm never taking this quiz ever again! GAHH!!!! <<< -AHH!!!"