Toypetz Club - Which Member Are You?

Toypetz Club - Which Member Are You?

Which Toypetz Member are you? Victoria, Matthew, Boy Quirrell, Girl Quirrell, Secondary Quirrell or Tegan?

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What does your toy eat at mealtimes?

A mashed up version of what I'm eating and some water.
My toys eat stuff off the floor.
They share my food.
They like to eat ice-cream and cookies.
They accidentally eat makeup and then they have cake.
I'm so busy protecting my toys that I forget to feed them!

What does your toy like to do with you?

We love to go to the park together.
We sit in the grass chomping chocolate.
We explore the world.
We sing.
We try on the latest fashions and wear makeup.
We stomp round the house.

What is your toypet's behaviour like?

Messy, greedy, optimistic, cute.
Crazy, noisy, cute.
Greedy. Just very very greedy.
Fashion toy.
Adventurous, kind, sleepy.

Does your toy have tantrums and wake up in the night?

Yes, a lot. It's hard work calming them down.
Some of the time, yes.
Yes, and I don't like it!
They used to, but they've stopped now.
No way, my toys sleep straight through.

Do you dress your toy up?

Of course! Toys gotta keep warm.
Mine already wear clothes.
Sometimes, depending on the situation.
Definitely. Me and my toy, we both gotta look stylish.
Mine wear just accessories and boots.