Meat or Bones?

Meat or Bones?

Just to see if you're tough or a popote ;) Don't ask!!! Please don't I'm on YouTube! crazyfan603 is on YouTube! :)

published on December 27, 201118 responses 4
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"Why hello! Chi is sick in bed. I just gave him some chicken soup so he'll be fine!

"Shut up before I insult you and your face" (Me: Quite negative today, eh?) "Whatever..."
"HE'LL BE OKAY IN NO TIME!!! :)" (Me: You're back?) :D
"... Good to hear" (Me: So how was this quiz so far, friend?) "..."
"He's a man! He better get out of bed! We are men!"
"Oh dear! He's going to die!" (Me: Please stop, he can take care of his own self. He just had a craving) ".. O-oh..." (Me: You seem scared...) "AHHH!"
"I-I..." (Me: Hinata!?) "WHO DA HECK IS SHE!?" (Me: O.O) "I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!" (Me: Freak to weirdo to coward...) "U DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" (Me: I'm sorry, I'm sorry...)!

Well, as you can see, this is a quiz to see if you're brave or a coward. So, on to the first question, How do you feel around large crowds?

"Ugly people glaring a me at me..." (Me: I BET THEY'RE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MONEY!) "You're dumb -_-"
"They're okay. They don't scare me. I just get what I need"
"They won't lay a finger on me! They do know me after all!"
"P-people? Do you mean... them? EEEK!"
"It changes." (Me: Whaaat? o.O

Okay, interesting answers. What do people think of you?

"Filthy, dirty, icky. That's what I think of THEM."
"Well, I don't know. Why won't you ask them instead of coming to me? Well... us"
"People fear me sometimes. They think I'm strange and they love how my personality stands out."
"They think I'm fragile. Some people think I suffer from Dysthymia[[ Chronic Depression ]]!"
"They think I am bipolar. Or, they'd be saying that I suffer from brain damage."

Next question will be the last, since I got to sleep for tomorrow. I got to study and I have to buy a wig for Chi! :)

"And why're you telling me this?"
"COOL! I WANT TO COME!" (Me: It's just one tiny shop -_-)
"Good for you."
"If anyone tries to touch you, I'd make them bleed and cry!" (Me:Uh... thanks, but no thanks)
"Oh gosh! You're brave!" (-_-)
"Oh... WELL IT'S NOT BAD! I WANT TO COME! I mean... so?"

Well look at that, what do you think of Chi with silver/blond long hair? Satanic, eh?

"Not Satanic, more like albino" (Me: Are you talking about yourself again!?)
"LOL!" (Me: I'm glad you find it amusing) "HEE HEE"
"Normal. I think Itfits him" (Me: And now you know why I want to buy it! :D)
"Good for him! Now no one will stand in his way!" (Me: What're you talking about?( Everyone's afraid of him...) "Not me! I..." (Me: I GET IT! WE GET IT! DANG IT!)
"Omg! AHH!" (Me: You're that kind of weird?)
"..." (Me:???) "WHAT!!??" (Me: O.O