Choice of the Wolf

Choice of the Wolf

Ever wanted to be a wolf and rule your world? Catch prey, claim territory....

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When you were young, your mother showed hate to all her pups. Did you seek revenge?

Yes. She will pay for my childhood.
No. She is not my concern. I do not care about what goes on in her life.
No. As long as she stays away, shes fine.
Yes. It may also be a good chance for an extra meal.
No. I'm sure she didn't mean it.

You begin to grow. You seek:

Hate. Foes. What ever it takes to have enemies.
Nothing. I can care for myself.
Larger territory. There is no reason to stay in one small area.
Hunt. I cannot and will not starve.
A mate. We must have pups soon--I can't wait to care for them.

You cannot survive alone. You are forced to find a mate. What is your choice?

A hear of a strong black wolf, horrid and a mate that will suit me well.
Let me die. I seek none.
I heard about a strange wolf who seeks a larger territory. I would like this wolf to be my mate.
A hunter roams the forest. This wolf is destined for me.
A mate with love and compassion.

If you chose a mate, they accepted. It is time now you choose a den.

I have seen a den far away, but it is perfect. we can make it.
I cannot move any longer. I must die. No mate.
I seek a den thatis large, with a wholesome area of territory.
I seek a den near hunting grounds.
I seek a den far away from danger.

Your life must end soon. How has it been?

I have lived a life full of hate, and I am proud.
I have lived a life close to death every step, but survived on my own. I am proud.
I have lived a life in a large area of land.
I have lived a life with plentiful hunt.
I have lived a life of plentiful offspring.