which hunger games character are you.

which hunger games character are you.

If you have read the hunger games, then you are ready for this quiz. If you have not read this book, then I suggest you do!

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The bell sounds. You can now fight for food and weapons. What do you do?

run into the forest, I can find plants to eat.
get as much food and weapons as possible, KILL EVERYONE!
if I see something I know I need, fight for it!
I just need to protect someone, I would go for it.
try to get a pack of knifes than go.

where do you set up camp?

in trees.
around the cornucopia.
from tree to tree
near the lake covered in mud, no one will see me.
hiding in different places.

do you get allies?

heck ya!
no way!
maybe, but I have to make sure who.
maybe, i'll die anyways.
anything to help someone.

what is your strategy?

knife throwing
bow and arrow
using a sword
being hard to catch

how do you get food?

become allies with someone who has food
I find plants to eat
from the cornucopia
steal it
hunt it

You see someone, what do you do?

shoot him from a distance
throw a knife at him
slice off his head
pray that he doesn't see you

You kill someone you hate, what do you do?

just go away
stab him again and laugh really hard
run away
keep fighting
cackle, steal their food and walk away

someone tackles you and is about to kill you, slowly and painfully, what do?

slice off their head
spit in their face
close your eyes
try to stab him or her
call out to your lover and die

it comes down to you and the person you love, what do you do?

tell them to kill you
commit suicide
run away
kill him quickly
kill him slowly and painfully