Are You A Dumb Blonde :D

Are You A Dumb Blonde :D

do people tell you you should be a blonde because you have dumb oments or your a blonde wondering if your a dumb blonde well heres the quiz

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How mant states are in the U.S.A

2 :)
omg i didnt study for this!!! :\
Well acourse 50 but back then it was all together as one state called the pangea

Don't you think it's dumb for a couple of questions tell yourself smart or dumb??

well i thought this box thingy im using is the answer to everything
well yah when you put it that way but its for fun

are all blondes dumb

well yah
no its this a saying when you say that persn is a "dumb blonde"

After your done with this quiz what are you going to do

well im a tutor but usually when i have free time this laydown and relax
ummm im not a physic so i cant tell you lol ;D

what song has these lyrics "twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are"

um sumthing about twinkle
twinkle twinkle little star a kids classic

this wanna tell you these question are easy so if you are a dumb blonde your five and under :D

they were easy