What Jessie Character Are You?

What Jessie Character Are You?

Jessie is an awesome show! Ever wonder who u r most like? Find out now!

published on December 24, 2011279 responses 119 3.8★ / 5

A hot girl/guy asks u out on ut doorstep. U:

Close the door on him/her, scream, open the door again, and say yes
Try to be all cool, say yes, and when he/she leaves, start jumping up and down!
You say yes, but when he/she leaves u dont really express how u feel. Ur dreaming about ur date!
u scream yess and tell everyone u can
U say yes and get some advice on dating

Your partnered with ur schools biggest nerd for a school project. U:

Act weird and try 2 get out of it
Insult whoever pared u up with him/her and have the nerd do all the work but take all the credit
Dont really care. U r in ur own world sometimes. now is 1 of those times...
Act all disgusted aroung him/her
try 2 make the best of it

Ur sister who lives far away is comming home 4 the holidays. U really miss her. U:

Decorate. U want it 2 be the best 4 her.
Ask her wat she likes and get her tht. But make sure its little. or just not too big...
Jump up and down and think of how fun it will be
OMG OMG OMG u gotta make it perfect! U start planning right away!
U see wat u can do 2 make it memorable.

U think the best color in the world is:

pink! its the color i like when i day dream!
i like them all

u and ur bf/gf break up. he/she dumped u hard. U:

Go home and sulk
Insult her/him
Dont care. Its his/her lose. not urs
go strait home and cry ur eyes out
think of wat u did wrong...

ur little sister breaks ur school project u worked SO HARD on. U:

Tell her not to cry and u will fix it. but be VERY MAD inside. just dont show it
Yell at her! She deserves it!
Tell her its okay and dont be mad at all. she didnt mean 2 after all
get mad and take ur anger out on others. especially ut sister
thik of the positives and make her feel better. ur always thinking on the bright side

Ur favorite kind of movie is:

any kind as long as im with my bf/gf
any kind i dont really care