Are you a Christmas Freak?

Are you a Christmas Freak?

Do you go crazy when it comes to Christmas? Or are you TOO laid back? Take this quiz to find out now!

published on December 24, 201132 responses 10
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Your mom just called. She wants you to host the family Christmas party this year, but it's 2 days before Christmas! You...

Begin to cook and clean, decorate and finish cooking the next day.
Clean like crazy, worrying about how the party turns out. Decorate until it's perfect the next day, and cook a sloppy, hurried meal.
Clean up and decorate a bit, then get a drive-through pizza and some TV dinner turkey for Christmas dinner.

What do you get for your dad for Christmas?

I brainstorm my dad's favorite things and write them down, collect $100 to spend, and spend 3 hours getting the perfect gift.
print out a picture of us together and glue together a sloppy home-made picture frame on Christmas day.
Get him some nice winter gloves and a $20 gift card.

What's your idea of a perfect Christmas meal?

Some pizza, soda, and a turkey sandwich
A nice, warm turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and milk.
A huge turkey and a feast fit for a king!

There is a Christmas lights contest in your neighborhood! You won...

I never finished my display in time...
I didn't enter.

For Christmas, you would love...

I don't know, money?
More Christmas lights!
A book or two

Do you like Christmas?

Yes!!!!! Of course!!!