What Harry potter character are you

What hp character r u? The world may never know... Unless u take this quiz!

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Your reports are coming. You hope 4 a..

B or C guess
Idk what I get is what I get I guess
Straight As. It's my usual grades.

Would u like 2 try quiddich?

Of course!
Uhhhh sure
Do u get grades 4 it? If so I will!
Yahhhh I would be the best at it! So seeker!

What house would u like?

Not slytherin!!!!!
Gryffindor I've heard good stuff about it
As long as I learn I'm fine with any house! Well maybe not slytherin..,
As long as I can be naughty and liked most I'm good!

Who do u think ur most like?


In ur free time u..

Find something cool 2 do
Tag along with someone
Go to the library to study
Be the center of attention! Somehow I'll do it!

You would describe itself as...

Mischievous and curious about most things
Funny and stubborn sometimes
Smart and helpful
Hilarious and good at tricks!