What type of girl are you?

What type of girl are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of female you are? Well, using this quiz - you'll know in 5 or so minutes!

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Going for a work to the park gives you excuse to;

Wear my new perfume (which smells great)
Get some exercise
Walking to the park? No thanks.
Well if there's boys, I'm in!
Get some air and "me time"

Oh ow! Your favourite shirt is in the laundry basket (and smells, not so nice...)

Spray some perfume and pretend I didn't wear it the other day
I have other shirts I like, so i'll wear them
I'm NOT wearing a shirt that smells bad!
I'll find something else to wear
None of these

If you truthed your friend, what would you ask?

Who's your crush?
Have you ever had an 'accident'?
Truth or dare? Not my thing.
Have you ever lied to anyone?
If there was 24 hours left until you die, what would you do?

Your cat just scratched you; what do you do?

Eh, used to it
"Naughty cat!"
Text my friends, "LOL, cat just scratched me,"
I ♥ cats! Oh, what was the question again?

Out of these female celebs, which one do you think has a better perfume?

Britney Spears
Halle Berry
Katy Perry
I don't know a thing about perfume

If you were doing something right now, what would you be doing?

Chatting with my friends
Biting my nails
Humming to myself
Singing a song that I made up on the spot
Giving me a manicure :)

Choose one (that you like)


Now choose one of these

Technologies not my thing

Who's YOUR celeb crush

Justin Bieber
Robert Pattinson
Taylor Launter
Daniel Radcliff

You just dropped a blueberry (farted)

OMG, I'm SO embarresed
Turn bright red. Nobody heard, right?
Fartings normal people!
Text "Lol, just farted"
Waits for someone to say, "Somebody farted!"

Most precious to you

My teddybear :)
My boyfriend
My perfume
My eyeliner
My friends & family

How are you feeling today?

I feel ... awesome!
erm, I dunno

It's still not over, what do you think you'll get in the end?

Mr Crankypants
coolest girl in clique

Are you excited to find out?

No. I'm very sleepy actually ...
Erm, I guess
No - I'm feeling rather impatient
C'mon tell me already!

Random question, do you purposely buy pads with the facts on them?

Yes ...
I don't have my period yet
No - I think this stuff is just dumb and no time for fun when im on "it"
Totes, I learnt that mosquitos have teeth!
Nah, I just buy the cheapest there is