Whats Your Tag?

Whats Your Tag?

Iif someone had pick one word about you what would it be well here you can find out!

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Whats your fav. color?

Chicken!!! oh wait what's the question again?
Does sparkle count as a color
umm dont really have one
Every Color is beutiful :)

Whats your fav. shoe brand

Anthing thats makes my kick harder muhahaha
Jordans All The Way!!!
vans lol like the vehicle :D
Pretty flats
Whatever is in
anything thats my style

Your friend dates your ex and you told them you still have feelings what would you do?

Cry and ask my mom for advice
Dont know never happen to me so i shouldnt worry
ugh!!!!! try win my ex back duhhh
get a squirrle with rabies
I would fight my "ex" friend until she bleeds
Forget them no true friend would do that and i can get a guy maybe not noe but i will

Whats your fav. song genre

dont matter barely listen to music
again... the latest
anything that has word squirrel in it!!!
hip-hop with that RnB
classical it helps your I.Q increase

Whats Your fav. fighting move

omg i love UFC so whats the question???
anything thats helps keep people out of my way
Punching with full force
violence is never the answer
would never fight it would mess u my nails and clothes
dont know any fighting but kicks and punches

Whats Your Tag?

You better not waste my time doing this quiz if your asking us!!
CRAZY but i thought the quiz was the whole point to tell me!!!
uhh this quiz suppose tell us
Well this quiz is for you tell me :)
You choose