Warrior Cats

Warrior Cats

here it is! star clan has been summoned to give you your new name, clan, and status! by the way, you get to decide what you look like!!

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your leader is pinned on the ground and your mate and apprentice are fighting together but are about to get killed by a band of black cats. what do you do?

i go to the leader and try to heal him!
i knock off the cat that is pinning my leader and then race over to kill the band of cats attacking my friends!
i carry on fighting. I'm too stubborn to save others. i kill!!!!
i sneak up behind the band of cats and attack them. then i tell my mate and apprentice to help our leader.
i swiftly knock the cat attacking my leader off their feet and bite their ear. then when the leader has recovered, i go over to help my mate and apprentice.
i am from starclan!

you see that one of the older warriors is talking with your leader. they are talking about something but you can't hear. what do you do?

if they are talking secretly, i better not disturb them.
of course i want to hear! i sneak up behind them and hide under a bush. i make sure the wind is blowing the right way so they won't scent me.
i give them eye contact as if asking if i should listen. i do whatever my leader tells me. it is the warrior code.
i barge in and tell my leader that we need to attack river clan and get some of their territory!!! we need more food.
i go over to the elders and ask them if they need anything. if my leader wants to talk to me, he will ask for me.
i am from star clan!

you are a rogue. you have heard of the clans and think about which clan would accept you. which clan do you go to?

riverclan. they are wise, and good at fishing. i would like to be a medicine cat of such wonderful cats as those.
windclan. they are fast, and brave. just what i am. although shadow clan would be good too, but wind clan would accept me more likely.
thunderclan! they are good at everything! and they are known for taking in outsiders. i will be accepted in their clan for sure!
riverclan. they are brave and fierce. they are also swift for they are good at swimming. i am perfect for their clan! i could help a lot.
shadow clan probably. they are fearless, fast, but also gentle on the inside. i have been watching them for a long time. they could use my help.
i am from star clan!

you enjoy.....

watching the stars and sharing dreams.
playing tricks on people.
protecting my clan.
doing what is best to help and serve my clan.
healing my clan.

you are known for......

discovering new herbs.
serving your clan wisely.
giving cats prophecies to fulfill.
making smart decisions.
making good battle plans based on trickery.
fighting viciously.