Is he into you?

Is he into you?

Do you see him all the time? Do you wish you and him were more than just friends?Find out if that special crush of yours is into you too!

published on December 17, 2011118 responses 19 4.2★ / 5

Do you catch him staring at you?

No, I usually see him eyeing another girl.
Yeah, but only sometimes.
All the time! Its like his eyes are glued to me!

Does he try to talk to you every chance he gets?

Well, that's when we are alone does he talk to me.
No, he just runs up to his friends and kinda avoids me.
It's like he won't STOP talking to me!

When you see him in class or in the hall, does he look at you like he likes you?

He looks at me for a long time
When has he ever looked at me?
He looks at me, but grins shyly away.

When he's with his friends, do they laugh when you walk by and look at him then you?

They would throw things at me.
Yes, all the time!

Has he ever touched you or tried to touch you playfully?

He kicks me hard.
Yeah! All the time!
Well, he put his foot next to mine, but i'm pretty sure it was a mistake...