Your abundance personality in Money, Work, Career & Creativity

Your abundance personality in Money, Work, Career & Creativity

How does prosperity or poverty consciousness affect your money, work, career and creativity? Have you been affected so much by the "facts of current reality" and past conditionings of survival thinking that you have learnt not to trust any new insights and guidance from prosperity consciousness? Do you even know that your view of reality and possibilities regarding your business, career, work and creativity as well as money would shift dramatically as you open your mind to prosperity consciousness instead of staying in the conditioning of the old paradigm of poverty consciousness?

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I count my blessings every day, I love my work and earn money in a way that is aligned with my highest values.

I have taken risks to do the work I love and to get paid for it what I believe I am worth.
I can not leave my job that I dislike, although I know this will never make me happy. I feel trapped by my financial and career circumstance without a way out.
I know what I'd love to do, but I just can not believe that there is enough money in it. I dare not take the leap of faith.

I believe that money and higher purpose, value and contribution in conjunction with my competence and passion can be all manifested or pursued in one's life.

I don't only believe it, I also live this and am taking steps to create this through aligned actions.
I am sorry, my experience is that money is simply about survival and competition. It's a dog eat dogs world. I am a realist, not a dreamer..
It could be luck or hard work or karma, some people have this one covered. I am still finding the best way to find my way out of the ratrace. I am hopeful but also fearful about the risks I need to take.

I know that my creativity and passion can be aligned in all the work that I do. I even believe that my work and career can be aligned with my soul purpose. No matter what I choose, I have the power to create abundance in my work-money area of life.

Abundance and prosperity are what we attract to us when we work with its guidance. I know I always find the ways to allow my self to receive it when I let go of my fears and tune into the wisdom of prosperity consciousness.
I am totally zoning out here! Soul purpose and creativity, let alone passion. Thanks god it's Friday and Sunday blues are my accepted reality. At least I can count on this mindset to be safe and comfortable.
I would love to feel creativity and passion for my work. I am struggling however between believing and implementing it on a consistent basis.

When I am faced with negative experiences regarding money, creativity, passion and career, I find even more reason to be the change through my own leadership ability. Changes throughout history have always been created through adversity and I trust that I can always create something wanted through free will and consciousness.

This is how I have made all the drastic changes in my own life that have led me to step out of the uncomfortable comfortzone where I was stuck.
Negative experiences make me retreat in known ways of doing things, hold on to what I know, I am not taking any chances!
I know the theory, have done the courses and seminars, but still find it hard to believe in a bigger possibility than current reality and how it functions. I guess I am waiting for a miracle outside my self.

Whatever is showing up now in my work, money, career area of life is a reflection of who I have been in the past. In this moment, I can shift my perception and deliberately co-create something else if I am congruent.

The universal laws are what I live and breathe or else I would not be so trusting and relaxed about life and all that it presents to me.
I am totally dependent on the facts of current reality, economic forecasts, the targets for my business, the costs of living and the way my clients/employers dictate my income. I don't believe I have the "power" to alter this. I just make the best of this.
I understand that some can alter their reality and create the business/career of their dreams. I however am struggling to just survive but dreaming about something to change. I am waiting until something shifts before I dare take steps towards creating what I want.

Whenever I think of money, I know it's my perceptions of it and all that is related to it that will show up in my reality: my self worth, ideas about the economy, attitude towards my clients, balance I am (un)comfortable with in giving and receiving.

My mindset is one of the main ingredients in what I see as possible. My unconscious or conscious attitude will somehow be picked up by my clients/employers and this will create or eliminate business opportunities.
Keeping my eyes on reality is what will make me win the ratrace. If you don't work hard and watch your competition like a hawk, you will go under. It's better to be safe than sorry.
I know money just like everything is about energy, however in my experience I am still affected by an uneasy feeling of tension whenever the subject is presented to me. I know there is something I should shift, but how?

I have an admiration for successful people and organisations, those that exemplify leadership while making lots of money.

Money and success are about what you project onto it. I choose to see money and my role in it as something positive. My consciousness is more important than the fact of earning money itself.
Success and money comes with hard work and unfortunately sometimes dirty tricks. Earning money is for those that know how to play the game of money. I am not sure I am that kind of person to earn money in such a way. I feel ambivalent about this and judgemental about people with much money and success. They are shameless self promoters and I am not!
I know money and success is more about the attitude with which you approach it, however I feel highly uncomfortable about selling my self, to put myself out there and charge the money others do. I'd rather not ask for it or showcase, but I feel it's costing me my success and wealth opportunities.

Money can be used for great causes as it can be used for destructive causes. I can use my consciousness and attitude to earn money in a way that is aligned with my values without having to be affected by how others earn money in ways that I disagree with.

Money and success is highly personal and subjective. I choose to perceive money and success in a conscious manner and challenge any disempowering thoughts regarding this subject (like in all other matters)
Money and success is for the few who know how to handle power games and politics. I am fearful that once you have it, it corrupts you and I don't want this. Money and success will make me another person and I am happy about who I am now.
My current experience is that money is mainly about earning a living and keeping my head above water. At some point I'd like to have much more money so I can do more of what I love or give back.