How TinierMe richie are you?

How TinierMe richie are you?

Are you mega richie, super richie, moderate richie, or just a plain TM user? Here, ya can find out ^U^

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How many friends do ya have on tinierme?


How often do you buy G coins!

Once per month
Once+ per month
Once+ per week
Never (CC user)

Do you know what this stands for?

Yes, i've seen it in many threads! (Or tried offering)
Of course! I've had it many times!
Sort of, I've seen it once but didn't know what it stood for
Never heard of it....

How long have you been on TM?

1-4 months
1 year+
4-9 months
Less than a month or just joined

Have you ever owned a complete sheet?

Yes! Way more than one
Yes, about 1-3
No, but i've tried!
Whats a complete sheet?

Have you reaches level 50+ in fishing?

Yes, way past!
I tried
Just a few levels away!

Do you have a fully decorated room?

No, can't afford any furniture :(
Not really, some of it is decorated though
Yes! Also, some epic wallpaper!
About 85% is!

Have you ever started a service to get gifted? (Bumping service, art, etc)

Yes, and im so successful!
Yes, but not many people contacted me
Yes, and alot of my friends contacted me!