What Hero of Olympus are you?

What Hero of Olympus are you?

In Rick Riordan's new series, seven demigods embark on a quest. Which one are you?

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If you were to be a superhero(ine), which (out of the ones below) would you have?

Freaky mind-over-water powers, like being able to stir up a mini hurricane.
Something that doesn't involve curses, but can easily be found wherever I go. Probably something I can drown people in.
Archery! I like archery! Maybe transformation or something like that.
Electricity is my specialty. Most likely something that has to do with lightning or wind...totally freaking awesome.
I don't know: there's a lot of stuff out there.
Freakin' awesome fire powers, so that I can summon some at my fingertips...without getting burnt!

Your friends know you as...

The cool dude who dates the smartest girl at camp. :)
The quiet person who usually gets made fun of.
The clumsy dude everyone bullies and laughs at.
The bravest and most powerful guy of all time...totally me.
At camp, the girl all the guys are fawning over and hates the attention.
The supreme, ultimate mechanic who can fix anything and control fire!

Your dream career (out of these)?

Director of Camp Half-Blood. But I still wanna do quests.
Someone who works with horses or maybe an artist.
I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...
An active demigod, of course.
I have no clue.
A mechanic, duh!

Your school life?

Yuck. Failing, getting in trouble, and getting expelled.
All the kids laugh and make fun of me with dirty tricks.
I was homeschooled
Everyone naturally ignores me :(
I get bullied every day by the popular clique.
People keep me around for jokes but sometimes tease me.

Your hobby?

Action and adventure!
Caring for Hannibal the elephant
Exciting quests!
Fixing stuff!