what my little pony fim character are you? (1)

what my little pony fim character are you? (1)

find out which one of these ponies suits you best! you could be any of these six adorable ponies!

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your sad what do you do?

cry until your happy
no sweat it will go away eventually.
its okay ill get over it...
oh no what what happend?
i need to go talk to my friends the'll help me
fly away until you feel its safe to go back

your friends left you for other ponies what do you do?

to much work maybe they'll come back?
no no no! this can't be happening!!
well why would they do that? i should go talk to them..
oh umm okay did i do something wrong?
i have to many other people to worry about
they don't wanna be my friends anymore? oh no..

when you have free time what do you like to do?

well i'm hardly ever not busy
well i have a lot to sell
well ummm i have to ummm
i could go out to the spa for some tea
i could go see my adoring fans

what pony do you like best?

pinkie pie
twilight sparkle
rainbow dash

the cutie mark crusaders need your help with there cutie marks..what do you do?

what do you need? i'm ready to help.
welll of course what shall we do?
alright! let me show you some stuff!
well this reminds me of a story that i was working on..
well you wanna go party?
well you could help me with some work!