what my little pony fim character are you?

what my little pony fim character are you?

find out which one of these great pony's you are! take this quiz to see which one of these adorable pony's suits you best!

published on December 08, 2011135 responses 30 4.3★ / 5

when you have free time what do you like to do?

play with animals there just so cute!
read read read!
to many fans to please who has free time?
go out to tea in my best dress ever!
make some apple pie!

theirs somepony new in pony ville what do you do?

must go say hi!
calmly walk over and welcome them
invite them over for a family dinner
try not to be rude and make a new friend
try and score me a new adoring fan with my tricks
design then a pretty new outfit!

your late for a party with the princess what do you do!

must hurry but have to finish my work!
i must look my best before i leave!
i can make it i'm to fast to worry
a party!! i'm there in a flash!
oh no! not now why me!
maybe i just shouldn't go...

the cutiemark crusaders need your advice what do you tell them?

follow your heart!
perform awesome stunts until you get it
well...umm...whatever...is is fine
its about being true to yourself!
well your heart is hwat you need to stay true to

whats your biggest fear?

not having anymore clothes!
i'm only supposed to be afraid of one thing?
well..if my family was gone
being...LATE *gasp*