Which HP character are you?

Which HP character are you?

Find out which Harry Potter character you are most like! Please Enjoy!

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It's the last Quidditch game of the season, what do you do to help your team win?

I come up with a weird encouraging song, and dress elaborately in my team's colors
I cheer a lot.
I sit in the stands with my eyes shut and my fingers crossed
I sabotage the other team so we're sure to win
I play my hardest, we're sure to win if I give 100%
I make up a whole bunch of complicated plays that will throw the other team off guard

It's time for your final exams in herbology, how do you feel?

I studied a lot, I hope I do well.
I love herbology, its my favorite subject, I'll ace it for sure!
I'm going to ace this, I have this all down pat!
I studied, only because I was forced to, but I studied..... a little, heh, heh
Simple, I'll just cheat off the person next to me
I hope it isn't very hard

The teacher is just about to hand back your final exams, what do you hope you got.

Probably an A or at least a B+ (O or E in wizard grades)
A+++ for sure (O)
I'll bet I got a D, at best a C, though unlikely (P)
? C, B, I dunno. (A, P)
Whatever it is, it'd better be good, or else...
A! (O)

You just got it back and it's a......C (A)! What's your reaction

Oh well, you win some, you lose some
Not bad, not bad at all
OMG! This is my best grade in herbology ever!
Professor Sprout is going to pay for this.... Cruico!
What?.................A C? What? This is the lowest grade I've ever gotten, I studied everything, how?
Come on, this is my best subject how could I get only a C?

What's your favorite class?

All of them!
The Dark Arts, what do you mean its not a class, look at what I've learned so far....AVADA KADEVRA!
Care for Magical Creatures
I dunno, definitely not potions though

*hides behind tree* What's your favorite color?


How was the quiz?

Oh who cares, lets just get to the results ): (
It was great, I loved it. : )
I liked it
That was AWESOME!!!!
I think it was okay, some of your capitalization was incorrect though