wat does Harry Potter think of u? (Girls only)

wat does Harry Potter think of u? (Girls only)

ever wonder wat harry potter and his mates thought of u? lets find out!!!!

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you see harry potter (in his first year) getting bullyed. now what

try to help as much as u can.
Walk past and laugh at his pain.

luna is talking to u about Knargles, you...

stay and listen poiletly
say "Knargles dont excist u loon." and walk away

Ginny is studing 4 her exams but lost her notes, u...

lend her ur notes, she needs help
make sure u sit by her and boast about having all ur notes.

Dumbldore needs a student to help find more horcurucxes, you...

Go who cares, u know who rox
pick me! i want to fight

Mcgonagall trusts U to study ur spells, u...

study study study
study nap nap nap

Fred and george have been caught with weasley products u

lie and say that u gave them the stuff.
make sure they get wat they deserve.

u see draco malfoy with the dark mark, you

go tell dumbledore
du nothing