What drink are you?

What drink are you?

Have you ever wondered what drink you would be? Ok even if you haven't, try it!

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What do you like to do on a hot summer day?

Take a nap! What else is there to do on a hot day?!
Well what else is there to do? Go to the beach of course!
Invite a friend over and go crazy on the trampoline!
Sit inside and read a book. Too hot!
Blend up some smoothies to beat the heat!

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

The pool!
You know, wherever is fine.
At a party!
The sports field.
At home.

What time do you go to sleep on the weekends?

Whenever i feel like it
...11-1 in the morning
9:00 so i won't be tired in the morning
Depends on how hot it is...
After my late night sports games end

When your friends come over, what do you do?

Soccer game all the way!
We play video games
I don't know...we do something different everytime
We yell and play with the plasma cars and bilbos
We go to the beach...and if not then INDOOR POOL!!

What are your friends like?

The normal people out of the bunch
There are a lot of different traits...can't describe everything
Silly and free spirited
Beach bums!
Sporty and athletic