who are you

who are you

find out who you really are -sra bird - always listen to me -im shit -im really bored and i might have had a little to much iced tea LOL

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do you like being around people, are you always nice.

yes, im always nice and i love being around people
yes, but lots of people say shiz about me
nope, i just like to be by myself

are you nice to the people around you?

some times

are you a boy magnet

not really i like to stay by myself and dont really talk to them
yes they love me
yeah most of the guys are my friends :)

How many firends do you have on facebook

117- and up
why does it matter i have lots of them

whats your fav color

i love all colors :) im not a hippy
chill colors

what type of animal is your fav

magic ponies cause im cool
white tigers

what shirt are you

just a tee-shirt with a picture on it
a plaine t-shirt
tube top / tank top with a little tits showing

whats ur fav fraze

umm you need a life
your mom
i bet