How random are you?

How random are you?

May the randomist person win! Take this quiz to see how random you can be!

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A friend says to you, "Hello!" what do you say back?

Sliding glass doors, and LINDSAY LOHAN!
Me llamo Espanol

What would you do if your garage door didn't open?

Yell at it like an old man.
Go to you mailbox
Kick it.
Go to your neighbor's house and ask for a virgin Pina Colada mix

Ok, your brother/sis is banging on your door. What do you do?

Yell "Go away!!!"
Ignore it.
Go into your secret stash of potatoes and start chucking them while singing the alphabet and dancing with a cow...WITH SPOTS
Go out of your room and start screaming like a diseased buffalo until you get your sibling to go away

What would you do if the teacher asked you 7x7-9x(8-7)x4+5-3/100x90+36=?

My grandmother's shower cap.
That's impossible!!!
Solve it, DUH!

I will spank the smack.

Repeat, por favor.
...of course, i will fetch the jar of mayonnaise.