What Kind Of Friend Are You? (3)

What Kind Of Friend Are You? (3)

Take The Quiz And Answer The Questions HONESTLY and find out what kind of friend you are!

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About how many good friends do you have?

IDK, like 20!
Maybe 9 or 10!
Umm...like....1 or 2....

Your BFF wears something HORRIFIC to school and people stare at her as she walks by, you:

tell her that her outfit is a little INTERESTING, but you still sit with her at lunch.
You tell her she looks AWFUL, and avoid her all day because you're embarrased to be seen around her.
completely ignore her outfit, and stick by her side all day long, not caring what other people think.

You were invited to sit with the "Cool People" today at lunch. you:

Say "YES!" as soon as they finish asking the question, and leave your other friend sitting alone.
you think about it, then say yes, because #1, this might not happen ever again, and #2 you know your friends can make it 1 lunch without you.
say, "Maybe another time", and go sit with your other friends during lunch.

Your friend's birthday is coming up. you know they really want this special T-Shirt, but it's $30.00s. you:

Save up by babysitting the little girl next door, then go to the mall and get the T-Shirt for her.
Tell your friend that she should use her own money to buy it. Instead you get her a cheaper one from another store.
You get her a gift card for half the amount of the shirt to the store. You can't afford the shirt with your own money, anyway.

Your 2 BFFs are in your Science class. The teacher asks everyone to get into groups of both of your friends race to you. you:

ask the teacher if you can make a group of 3 because there's an odd number of people in the class, anyway.
Make your friends do rock paper scissors (2 out of 3) to see who gets to be your partner.
You escape them and run over to the most popular girl in the class and ask to be her partner, ignoring your other friends.

What Do You Think Your Friends Would Say About You?:

"She uses MY account number to pay for her lunch, and I wouldn't even know, except my mom yelled at me because she used all of my money in a week, and I have $50.00!"
"She never does anything mean to me, just sometimes she gets a little stubburn and is hard to be around."
"She IS THE BEST FRIEND EVER! If I need help with anything, i call her, and she's over to my house in minutes! I could never ask for a better friend!"

What Would YOU say about yourself?

i think i'm a pretty good friend, and ______{your friend} is an even better friend!"
"I think i am a REALLY GOOD FRIEND."