What would happen if YOU were at Hogwarts?

What would happen if YOU were at Hogwarts?

what teachers would you have, what house would u be in, and who would u be friends with?

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Yikes! Harry Potter is facing the dark lord and he needs YOUR help! what du u do?

Oh No! run and prepare yourself for the worst. u must help.
help, but cautausly. the dark lord isn't after you.
laugh and fight agianst harry. who needs him?
logic and brians can win. you need to think up a plan, quick

You are banned from Hogsmede. now what?

Sigh. as much as you would like to.... no, u don't need the trouble.
its sad, but you know wats right and stay in your dorm.
hah! who cares wat professers say! lets have some fun!
Mabye, if you think, there might be some hope

Gulp! Voldemeort wants harry! what should u du?

You would NEVER hand Harry over. he's ur friend and u must help him.
Run and hide! u dont want to get into this mess.
its wrong. he still a person and u wouldnt give him away.

what are you?

Brave and daring
caustias and dreamy
Mean and scary
smart and neat

who du u like the most?