Should you be a babysitter

Should you be a babysitter

Have you always wanted to know if you should be a babysitter? Well now just take this test and find out! So go head and take it!

published on February 15, 201620 responses 1

How old are you?

25 and older

Are you smart?

YES I know 1,000 X 27
Meh not really I do know 10 X 10 though easy it is 100
No but what is 10 + 18

Are you a good cook?

No every one says my food tastes awful
Kind of I am good with certain things
Yes people think I should work in a reastrant

How do you act?

I just lay there
I am always up and moving
I don't even notice the people around me

Would you invite people without telling the parents?

No I would never do such a thing
Of course so sneaky I love sneaky
Maybe repents on if I am bored or not